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Illuminations Lighting Design Serving Greater Houston since 1980

Residential Accent Lighting Houston

Tom Kretzschmar, Illuminations Lighting Design.

607 Durham Drive
Houston, Texas 77007-5316
Phone: (713) 863-1133
Toll Free: (800) 863-1184
Fax: (713) 863-0044
Monday - Friday: 7:30-4:30 CST
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Trade Associations

  • Illuminating Engineering Society of North America
  • American Society of Interior Designers - Industry Partner
  • ASID - Texas Gulf Coast Chapter
  • Independent Electrical Contractors Association
  • Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation – TECL 6516

A typical Illuminations design is one where every painting, armoire, wall sconce, chandelier, recessed light and landscape light works in perfect harmony to create a pleasant, functional and stimulating environment. Flexible enough to adapt to your daily needs, yet sensitive enough to set the most delicate mood. Like music, lighting sets the mood!

Established in 1980 by Tom Kretzschmar, Illuminations Lighting Design opened with the idea of specializing in residential accent lighting. Over time, it became apparent that other forms of artistic lighting could be combined with electrical contracting to bring the pleasure of sophisticated lighting design to the average homeowner. After all, Kretzschmar’s history goes back to one of Texas’ oldest and most prominent electrical firms, Rulon Electric, which his grandfather founded. From these roots, a synergy was formed, and Illuminations Lighting Design sprung forth.

Illuminations initially specialized in lighting paintings and antique cabinet lighting, but quickly expanded to include all forms of artistic lighting design, landscape lighting and electrical contracting. As savvy clients developed a taste for fine lighting designs in Houston it only seemed natural to combine these elements into a complete package. An increasing number of home owners discovered the profound effects lighting could have upon their daily lives. Word spread quickly and so did the demand for architectural lighting design services that Illuminations now provides.

The passion for perfection has become a mainstay of the Illuminations name. Light by light, wire by wire, houses throughout the country are being hand-fitted with quality lighting fixtures, lighting control systems, home theater systems and outdoor garden lighting equipment by skilled craftsmen from Illuminations Lighting Design. Just as the dimmer switch taught us that there is more to light than simply ON or OFF, Illuminations has shown the world the endless variation, the enchanting spectrums, the infinite gradations of light that can be painted across the wide canvas that stretches between night and day.

Since its serendipitous inception, Illuminations has grown to include a team of over 45+ talented and dedicated employees. Specialty divisions have been created to focus on such disciplines as lighting design, fine art lighting, cabinet lighting and electrical contracting. Having specialists in each of these disciplines, while remaining true to the mission of offering home owners the "complete picture" of lighting design, is key to continued success at Illuminations Lighting.

Like fine wine, Illuminations has matured and become a classic for those who expect only the very best. We can be reached at 713-863-1133 locally or toll free outside of Houston Texas at 800-863-1184. Please follow us on Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz and Twitter.

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About The Owner

Tom Kretzschmar has dedicated the better part of his life to the art and science of lighting. As owner of multiple companies in the lighting sector, he has studied art, architecture, design, and electrical wiring throughout his career. His multidisciplinary skill set has enabled him to master the complex nuances of interior lighting, exterior lighting, advanced landscape lighting, and commercial lighting systems.

Tom founded his first company over thirty years ago. Back then, most lighting companies were niche market services, providing services such as fine art lighting. Tom had a vision of combining these services with the scientific practicalities of sound home wiring design. This would enable the private art collector to enjoy museum quality fine art lighting in the privacy of his or her own home.

Over the years, new services were added to Tom’s repertoire. As a firm believer in an integrated home lighting experience, his services expanded to include full exterior lighting designs, exterior home lighting, and landscape lighting. The intent was to create a fully illuminated property where the beauty of the home, each interior room, each piece of fine art, and every custom furnishing were fully magnified by complex layers of interrelated light that made the very lifestyle of the homeowner come to life in the air.

Many of these designs were so ambitious that they required new types of lighting fixtures to create. Engineering teams, under Tom’s visionary leadership, developed new types of equipment for the impeccable display of art, sculpture, fine photography, libraries, displays, and vaulted ceiling coves. Tom currently holds three patents for various lighting fixtures that are sold worldwide to lighting design companies, electrical contractors, and online vendors of advanced lighting equipment.

Commercial lighting services are preeminent in Tom’s curriculum vitae. Recognizing the need for businesses to buffer their profits against rising overhead costs, Tom invested in other corporate ventures that offered the discriminating business owner the power of choice when it comes to lighting commercial properties. Energy saving lamps, along with new technologies in fluorescent and now LED lights, allow businesses to dramatically reduce the cost of operations. These technologies also help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and add momentum to their green initiatives in a marketplace that is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious.

Tom also spearheads a team of design experts who render advanced photometric calculations for commercial entities far in advance of actual point of purchase. Options are clearly spelled out for clients, letting them see exactly what they can expect from the equipment they are exploring. Alternatives are also discussed, with calculated return on investment always preeminent in client dialogues. Companies doing business with Tom can count on getting the best of what they pay for, and they can count on getting paid back by their investment in the best.

Through all of this, Tom has made it a point to clearly communicate the value of his advanced lighting systems in simple, laymen’s terms. Consulting with leading experts in writing, content management, and video production, he has made it a point to reach out to keep his client base informed of new technologies, energy saving retrofits, and lighting controls that make it increasingly easier for homeowners and businesses to have one-touch control of their advanced lighting systems.

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